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Did the job site* add more than 8,458 new education jobs this week? Yes   Huh?
Does the job site* list 100% of Fortune 500 and 1000 jobs? Yes   No
Does the job site* wait to be contacted by an employer looking to purchase classified advertising on its site? No   Yes
Does the job site* offer live phone support? Yes   Maybe
Does the job site* offer an exclusive, members-only subscription to weed out stray job surfers? Yes   Maybe.
Is the job site* the number one source relied upon by recruiting firms to find jobs for their own candidates? Yes   No
Does the job site* have thousands of online testimonials from professionals who used it to get their jobs? Yes   Possibly
Does the job site* actively seek education job openings on your behalf? Yes   No
Does the job site* monitor every education job opening in the world that it can find and tell you about them? Yes   No
Does the job site* spend its biggest efforts researching and updating education job openings and always distinguishes between free jobs and paid jobs on its site? Yes   No
Is the job site* dedicated to you and not employers? Yes   Nope
Does the job site* balance research with sales? Yes   Research?
Does the job site* keep your information private? Yes   Share profiles only with prior permission
* While we use the term "job site" to refer to our competitors, it is important to note that EducationCrossing is not a "job site" in the traditional sense of the word. EducationCrossing is a research service that goes out and finds jobs everywhere it can. While EducationCrossing does accept advertising and money from employers, it is always clearly specified in the job listings which ones are sponsored and which ones are not, which makes EducationCrossing unbiased.


We are the number one source relied upon by several recruiting firms.

The fact that we are the number one source relied upon by recruiting firms speaks volumes about us and our services. Recruiters have subscribed in droves to our site for years because we help them locate jobs no one else knows about and they rely on finding education jobs like this to make a living.

However, there is a danger when you use a recruiter for your job search: You will come with a fee that could be as much as 40% of your annual salary attached. If you apply directly to jobs without a recruiter then you will be more likely to get interviews and job offers. We show you the same jobs many recruiters are quietly "shopping" because they are not receiving a lot of applications and allow you to get "an edge" when applying to these jobs that others simply do not have. In fact, many of the jobs on our site are so esoteric and with such small employers that even recruiters may not be interested in these jobs. These are the exact sorts of jobs that our members get every single day and many of them have often spent years searching for a position by other means.

We offer something that recruiting professionals and the smartest education job seekers know you can't get anywhere else: We collect education jobs from tens of thousands of different sources and make them accessible to our subscribers. Recruiters use us to give the people they work with an incredible advantage in their education job searches and you should too.

We have often heard people say things to us like what makes your site different than Indeed, SimplyHired, or TheLadders. Each of these sites holds themselves out as "research-oriented" sites like ours, but none of them puts in quite the amount of research that we do every day.

By collecting jobs for our members we make every opportunity we can find available to them. The greater the opportunities, the greater the chance of finding a job, and specifically of finding one that is a good fit. By becoming a member of EducationCrossing and under our care, you get the benefit of having a personal army of researchers, computers and more researching job opportunities for you tirelessly.

We want to go to work for you and find you your next job. EducationCrossing works for you and not employers.

We believe the largest benefit of our site is access to more non-competitive jobs. Because of the costs of posting jobs on other job boards many employers prefer to list their job openings on their own websites, in small regional publications and even obscure association websites. We, unlike any other job board, search individual company websites and locate those jobs.

The end result is a combination of more and more jobs that only EducationCrossing members are seeing. This is especially important in today's job market, where, according to the fifth edition of Job-Hunting Online, more and more employers are looking to avoid "resume smog." Employers using other sites to advertise job openings are often inundated with hundreds and even thousands of resumes for a single opening. When competition is so stiff, job hunting becomes a terribly difficult task.

EducationCrossing shows you jobs that are receiving a lot of applications, of course, but more significantly we show you jobs that very few people know about. The ability to be the only applicant, or one of a few applicants for a job, is something that can give you a tremendous edge in the hunt for a new position.

There are thousands of online testimonials from people who got their jobs through us.

Every day thousands of education professionals come to EducationCrossing in search of the perfect position, and daily we receive numerous testimonials from people who used us and found the perfect position. While testimonials are certainly something that any decent service should have, we believe the character of our testimonials are "different" because many people who use our site receive numerous interviews and offers within days when they have been searching unsuccessfully for months or years prior to using our site. Most of our subscribers, in fact, are repeat subscribers who are using our site after having successfully found a job using our site years previously.

A site like EducationCrossing is different because we are showing you many unpublicized education jobs from places other education job seekers do not look. The result is that you are often the only applicant to these jobs and stand a much better chance of getting interviewed and hired than if you use other sites. EducationCrossing actually goes out and spends a great deal of our time and effort researching job openings. This is what is going to change your career and how you perceive looking for a job forever.


We posted more than 8,458 new education jobs this week.

We are finding jobs at such a rapid and alarming pace that you would find it difficult to get through all the jobs we have listed, even if you dedicated yourself to this full-time. It takes an incredible amount of servers, programmers and Internet bandwidth to track down jobs the way we do on our site. In fact, we review over 50,000 websites each day for jobs. This is a huge and stunning number and something that would probably take one person several decades to do what we are able to accomplish in one day.

It is incredibly important to contrast what we do at EducationCrossing with what other job sites do. Whether it is Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, SimplyHired, Indeed, or TheLadders-each of these websites doesn't come close to spending the time doing the research that we're doing each day. This means that you end up seeing fewer jobs. In contrast, EducationCrossing does research for you every day in order to find all the jobs possible in order to help make you successful in your job search.

The benefits of being able to access so many jobs are that you have the ability to get more interviews and offers and make decisions in your life about:
  • where you want to work
  • who you want to work for
  • what you want to be doing
More jobs give you more choices. More choices give you more opportunities to succeed and have the life and career that you want. This is what happens when you use our site—we show you jobs from everywhere. Knowing everything that is going on in the education industry and every opportunity that is out there is the best thing you can possibly do for your career and job search.

We list 100% of Fortune 500 jobs.

At EducationCrossing you have access to 100% of the education jobs advertised by Fortune 500 companies. By contrast, if you are relying solely on the "Big 3" jobs boards—Monster, HotJobs, and CareerBuilder—your access is limited to just a small percentage of the job openings at Fortune 500 companies that these companies are choosing to advertise.

Often times the most successful companies have in-house recruiters and consequently post their job openings on their own company websites. Not only does this make sense for them financially, but it also narrows the applicant pool to a manageable amount. Because the big job boards charge upwards of $300 to advertise a single job on their site, many companies do not list their openings there for financial reasons. Further, with upwards of 1,000 applicants per job listed on the Big Boards it allows hiring managers to avoid being inundated by "resume smog." 1 While we accept paid job listings, we spend a great deal of time researching job listings from employer websites, which gives you a clear advantage in your job search.

That's where EducationCrossing, America's leading job aggregator, steps in. We do the research, find the jobs not listed on public job boards, and aggregate them in one convenient location. Limiting yourself to a small percentage of the job openings at Fortune 500 companies really forecloses on a lot of otherwise available opportunities. To compound the problem, often times these opportunities are the best opportunities out there in terms of job status and pay rate.

In order to find the best job out there for you, you need to have access to the best jobs. While in theory you could do all the research yourself and locate jobs listed on individual company sites, it would require an incredible amount of man-hours. So incredible that it would be humanly impossible for one individual to do so on her own. To maintain current information on all the jobs out there, in other words, to maintain a database rivaling ours at EducationCrossing, you would need millions of dollars and the strength of hundreds of people, working 24-hours a day, seven days a week. I'm sure most people don't have those resources, and if you do, you probably don't need a job.

To put it briefly, we give you access. Without access, you cannot get results.


We go out and find education jobs.

What EducationCrossing does is go out and find every single education job that it can. We contact employers seeking all of their jobs and we do it in multiple ways. We contact employers directly. We scour websites for openings electronically and monitor their information constantly to see if jobs are coming up. We also monitor every single other job board we can find out there to make sure that we have all of the open jobs in one place. This is a huge advantage to job seekers and something that gives you access to jobs that people who do not use EducationCrossing simply do not know about.

"Because employers are paying so much money to post jobs, they expect a ton of applications," says Harrison Barnes, the CEO of Employment Research Institute.

Accordingly, these job boards go out and do everything they can to drive users to these jobs. Their entire emphasis is on getting tons of people to apply to these jobs. The problem with this sort of business philosophy is that it actually makes it much harder for people applying for jobs to get jobs. Incredibly, when people are using the average job board they are using a site whose entire business model is based on keeping jobs out and making people apply to the few jobs that are there. Although we do accept paid job listings, we also scour the internet, classified ads, newspapers, and many other sources for jobs and show you these precious resources that the other job sites just don't have. This also ensures that the jobs aren't flooded with applications, which gives you a better chance at getting the job you're looking for.

When you come across a job board advertisement on the side of a bus, a bench, the television, the radio, or in newspapers, magazines, parades, and other places, you should look upon this particular job board with trepidation. The reason why you should is because they are trying to drive people to jobs. The fact of the matter is that if there are more people applying to the jobs you are interested in, it is going to be much harder for you to find the right job.

The final thing that is so alarming to us is the fact that there are so many job boards out there. Education jobs from employers can be found in the following places:
  • Government websites
  • Association websites
  • Public interest websites
  • University and school websites
  • Small job boards
  • Medium job boards
  • Large job boards
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Specialty publications
The list of places where education jobs can be tracked down and found is incredibly voluminous. This is what we do at EducationCrossing. We track down every single education job that we can find from every single source that we can find.

When you think about using a job board only sits around waiting for jobs, you are really short-changing yourself. Why would you do this?

We offer live phone support.

There are real people behind the EducationCrossing sites. These people are working like crazy to research education jobs for you. You can reach us on the phone any time between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), and we will be more than happy to speak with you about your job search. We want to help you and will do everything within our power to answer your questions.
  • If you are having technical issues with our website, call us and we can transfer you to our technology experts.
  • If you are interested in setting up a search (e.g., job alerts), call us for help.
  • If you want to know if we have any additional information about a job, call us for help.
  • If you are interested in discussing your job search, call us for help.
  • If there is a place that lists education jobs we do not know about, let us know.
  • If there is anything whatsoever we can do for you, call us for help.
We are standing by ready to help you at all times and are eager to help you and speak with you. We exist for you and our greatest interest is being of service to you.

We offer an exclusive, members-only subscription to weed out stray job searchers.

Given the fact that we require a paid subscription to view education jobs on our site, we are able to limit the number of people viewing our jobs. By limiting the number of people looking at our jobs we are able to keep down the competition you will face for these jobs. By keeping the number of applications down, we make it much easier for you to find a job. This is a big part of the philosophy behind EducationCrossing.

We believe that the benefits we provide for education job seekers are profound. First, we find jobs that hardly anyone knows about. Second, we charge to access our site and limit the number of applications (if any) these jobs receive. Because the number of applications is so limited to the jobs we locate, our members receive more interviews and more education jobs.

While a subscription to EducationCrossing does require a job seeker to pay a small amount of cash out-of-pocket, it is that same drawback that makes EducationCrossing an effective and worthwhile investment. Here at EducationCrossing we spend a large portion of our resources and efforts researching and updating job openings and balance this out by selling job postings and promoting our service. However, whenever we have sponsored listings, we let you know so that we can remain an unbiased source of jobs.

What we do takes an incredible amount of effort. Imagine investing thousands of hours a day in researching jobs yourself. Needless to say, that would be impossible. So we do it for you.

Your membership supports our research. We take our membership fees and apply them to doing research on the market in order to find jobs. People who have never experienced EducationCrossing often say "I do not believe in paying to find a job." However, what these people fail to realize is that this is what they are ultimately saying:
  • I want to compete with thousands of others for the same job.
  • I want to only see a few jobs at a time and not every job on the market.
  • I do not believe in research.
  • I do not want to know about jobs that others do not know about.
  • My time is not valuable and I want to take my chances with public job boards.
Your time is valuable. The amount of work and money that goes into researching jobs for you on EducationCrossing is staggering. We provide thousands of education opportunities you will not see elsewhere.

And here's the key to the success of EducationCrossing: we work for you, not employers. We get the maximum number of education job listings possible for our subscribers, including jobs not advertised elsewhere. We limit who can search for jobs on EducationCrossing. At EducationCrossing it is easier to find a job because, simply put, there is less competition for our listings than for those posted elsewhere. Not only do our researchers find jobs not posted anywhere else, but about 95% of job seekers are weeded out because they do not wish to pay the fee for membership.

Not only do you see the education jobs that people using public job boards are not seeing, but you become a member of a limited class of people. At EducationCrossing one of the primary hurdles to finding acceptable employment is overcome; competition is reduced so you can get the education job(s) you want.


We actively seek out employment opportunities for our clients.

EducationCrossing is a job aggregation service that goes out and consolidates every single education job it can find from every single source it can, giving you a much wider selection than just paid job listings alone.

The business model of the average employment site that we are aware of is like the classified section of a newspaper. It involves waiting for employers willing to pay large sums of money to post a job on the site. The only jobs you see are the jobs that employers pay to post.

This has the effect of limiting the number of jobs that are actually available. It would be like if Google only showed you results that people were paying $500 to show. If this were the case, you would get very few results when you searched the Internet. This is exactly how the average employment site works. Even if employers do call on job boards to post jobs, they are unlikely to post all of them because it costs too much money. Instead, the employers will most often put the jobs on their websites.

Most job sites are actually much worse than what is described above. In addition to only showing you a limited number of jobs that employers are paying hundreds of dollars to post, the same job boards do everything they can to drive traffic to their sites and increase the number of applications that the job site receives. EmploymentCrossing does accept money from employers for paid listings. However, we always clearly show the difference between a sponsored or non-sponsored listing so that we remain an unbiased source of jobs for you.

We monitor every education job opening in the world that we can find.

EducationCrossing offers the largest collection of active education jobs in the world. We aggressively contact and investigate thousands of employers to learn about new positions.

Our users benefit from up-to-the-hour information on new jobs as it becomes available. We can even tell our members about jobs irrespective of whether the employer wants information about the job publicly disseminated or not.

In order to provide access to so many listings, we review thousands of websites in search of education jobs every day. We search virtually every other job source (printed and Internet-based) for jobs as well. We literally provide access to more jobs than any other source out there. If you find a place that lists jobs that we do not know about, let us know. After all, we want to know about every single education job from every single location so we can tell you about it.

So while our competitors sit around and wait for people to show up and pay them to post a job on their site, we are out there researching and working hard for you, in addition to offering paid listings for employers.

About 99% of our efforts are spent on researching and updating education job openings.

The vast majority of our efforts are spent researching and updating education jobs so that our subscribers have access to virtually every education job opening out there and so that all openings are kept current. We are a research-driven organization whose primary aim is to locate as many job opportunities as possible for our members. We organize the products of our research and eliminate a good portion of the cumbersome process of finding a job. Not only do we locate jobs not listed anywhere else but we do so on such a massive scale that it would be impossible for any individual to even come close to duplicating our research efforts.

We work hard for you and provide our members with the advantage of having a personal army of researchers tirelessly locating new and exciting job opportunities.


EducationCrossing serves both job seekers and employers equally.

Our site exists to serve both job seekers and employers in order to help both of them. We do everything within our power to ensure that we are providing you with information that is relevant to you and only you. Your needs are important and you should not be spending your time on a website that does not understand you and your needs.

We are a research company that is able to balance both research and sales.

We are a research company that does offer paid job listings. There is a massive difference between a research company with balanced sales versus the other leading job sites.

As researchers our main focus is not selling ads for employers, although we do offer that option. We mainly judge ourselves based on our research ability. You may call us "bookish," but it is good to have us working on your behalf. We go out and research every possible job that we can find. We do this in an "academic" sort of way. We use computers to do this research, we use people to do this research, and we comb through books, magazines, periodicals, and other lists looking for new sources of jobs for you. We love what we do.

Our company is run by employment research analysts who are very good at research. We have people who have worked for large organizations in a research capacity. This is something we are good at. Because we are so good at researching, our site not only has more jobs than our competitors but has jobs that most of your peers simply do not know about. We believe that the purpose of our research is to get you a job.

In our opinion, the entire business model in the employment industry is skewed. Our competitors are not researchers. Instead, competitive job boards exist as organizations that only sell job postings to employers (e.g., charging $500 to post a job on their site). This is not a research type of activity; it is more of a sales type of activity. We are able to balance having paid job listings with the massive amount of research we do and are able to offer you the best of both worlds, giving you unbiased job listings.

Working with a job board that is only focused on sales and not focused mainly on research is not something that does you a lot of good when you are looking for a job. You need to have access to all relevant jobs, not just the paid ones. That is why you are best off dealing with a research organization that also offers paid listings like EducationCrossing.

We keep your information private.

Unlike many of the job boards out there, we keep your information completely private. Your personal information, including you resume, is not even accessible to EducationCrossing employees. We do NOT sell your contact information or any other information about you to any outside sources, period.

We also do not sell access to your resume to outside people.

Our sole purpose is to serve you and your education job search needs. Selling your information would do nothing to accomplish that goal, so therefore we do not do it. You are who we work for and you deserve your privacy.

Testimonial of the Week

I was very pleased with the EducationCrossing. I found a great position within a short amount of time … I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a better opportunity.
  • Jose M Santa Cruz, CA
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Only EducationCrossing consolidates every job it can find in the domain and puts all of the job listings it locates in one place.

  • We have more jobs than any other job board.
  • We list jobs you will not find elsewhere that are hidden in small regional publications and employer websites
  • We collect jobs from more than 4,429,376 websites and post them on our site.
  • We are private, and therefore far fewer people are applying for the jobs on our site than are applying for those on public job boards.
I was very pleased with the EducationCrossing. I found a great position within a short amount of time … I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a better opportunity.
Jose M - Santa Cruz, CA
  • All we do is research jobs.
  • Our team of researchers, programmers, and analysts find you jobs from over 1,000 career pages and other sources
  • Our members get more interviews and jobs than people who use "public job boards"
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