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Education Jobs >> Education Articles >> Education Career Feature >> The Various Types of Education Teaching Jobs
  • Education Career Feature

The Various Types of Education Teaching Jobs

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Today, there are many different education teaching jobs that do not just deal with teaching the ABC's. In fact, many career opportunities exist for those entering education today as well as specialties that did not exist only a few short years ago. This is mainly due to the school systems across America that special education positions are a part of. Also, many education teaching jobs exist for those that are interested in teaching writing and reading.

Teaching English as a Second Language

In addition, education teaching jobs exist for those wanting to teach English as a second language to adults. There is a great need for teaching English due to the many immigrants that live within America and therefore need to learn to speak the main language in order to gain employment. Many teachers prefer working with adults than with children, so they find other ways in which to teach such as teaching adults.

Teaching Online Opportunities

One area that is quickly gaining education teaching work is online. Many teachers now teach some or all of their classes online. There are high school students and grade school students that can take some of their classes online and this area appears to be growing rapidly. At the higher education level, complete degrees can now be completely online that are fully accredited. This has trickled down to high schoolers and now those in middle school in some areas can take classes online, which can be a very unique opportunity for teachers that enjoy the Internet and interacting online.

Special Education Opportunities

In recent years, education teaching work has been growing at a fast rate for special education. This includes mentally and physically challenged students, blind students, deaf students, and emotionally troubled students. In fact, the special education teaching careers are expected to grow by 17 percent through the year 2018 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you enjoy helping and have a natural compassionate nature about you, then special education may be for you. Typically, if you are interested in special education you specialize in one or more of those areas while you are doing your undergraduate work.

People that enjoy helping others naturally and are patient, find special education careers very gratifying because they are able to make a real difference in the life of each of their students.

Specializing Helps Increase Your Options

One of the benefits of teaching today is that it allows you to specialize in areas that are of interest to you or that come natural to you. For example, if you enjoy science, there are a plethora of education teaching careers for those that have this specialization. The same is true for math, on the other hand, if you enjoy dance and want to teach it, you will have keener competition than someone that specializes in math or science.

Regardless of what you specialize in, each will require its own set of educational requirements. If you have an interest in two different areas, such as science and math, you could complete a double specialization and further your chances of education teaching employment when you graduate.

Compensation Outlook

The compensation of education careers varies greatly depending on where you are located in the country. Obviously, a teaching position is going to pay more in California than in Idaho simply because the cost of living is so much higher in California. Typically, specialized areas normally pay more than those with general education teaching degrees.

Deciding to Teach

Only you can make the decision if teaching is for you and if it is what part do you want to play? Many people love teaching the little ones, others enjoy teaching high school, and still others enjoy the middle school students. This comes down to a personal choice that typically you decide on when you are completing your teaching credentials, but some people find out later they want to move into another area of teaching after they have completed their education.

Final Thoughts

If you want to advance your career further, head over to! There are literally thousands of listings available for you right now! These teaching positions have been screened and are awaiting your search. You can sign up for a FREE trial today and take your career to the next level!

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