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Careers in Education

Education plays a very important in one's life. Education helps in the development of the overall personality of every individual. Education is a necessity in this modern world. Education develops self confidence in a person. Receiving basic education is the right of every individual. Education involves teaching as well as learning. It is the duty of every parent to impart education to their children so that they become good citizens of the country. Education can be attained in schools, colleges, and institutions. Today students can also go for higher education or correspondence courses by using internet as a media. Schooling is the first stage of education. The fact that education plays a very important role in one's life should be made clear to everyone.

Stages of Education

The three basic stages of education are mentioned below:

1.    Primary education
2.    Secondary education
3.    Higher education
It is necessary to attain this basic qualification before one plans to go for further education.

Forms of Education

There are many forms of education that can be used by teachers to make students learn. Students can also adopt any of the forms of education available to make learning an interesting process.

1.    Legal education
2.    Management education
3.    Development education
4.    Online education
5.    Language education
6.    Vocational education
7.    Computer education

Importance of Education

Education plays an important role in today's modern world. Education is necessary for every individual as well as for the progress of any country. If more people are educated, they will contribute to the growth of the economy of any country. Education also brings freedom in the way a person thinks. It enables a person to view everything from a broader perspective and also helps a person to develop the sense to distinguish right from wrong. Education should not be measured by number of degrees one holds or the number of exams one has cleared. Also the salary that one draws or the job profile of a person is not a measure of how educated a person is. An educated person progresses in life and stays happy and healthy. Education is not only obtained in schools and colleges but starts from home itself.

Jobs after Education

After one attains education, a person can get a job in any organization. There are many job opportunities that are available to educated people. There are many jobs in marketing and management areas where educated people can join as executives and earn a good salary. Most jobs require people applying for jobs to either be graduates or post graduates.


It can be said that education acts as the life and blood in the modern world, especially for those who want to work in some organization after completing their education. Education is not only restricted to learning from text books but encompasses much more than that. One can even learn from the surroundings and from people who one interacts with. This helps one to learn more than what text books can teach.
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